KALIX Base (Soluble)


Contact us for volume pricing: sales@kalixcpn.com +1.541.646.6042. KALIX Base is a professional grade commercial nutrient formulated for the grow/vegetative and bloom/flowering phase. KALIX Base provides an ideal foundation for commercial crop production. Use 0.6 grams KALIX Soluble Base for every 1 gram KALIX Soluble Grow or Bloom in order to reach desired EC. Recommended for hydroponic use only. Do not combine with other fertilizers in concentrate solution or dry form.

Directions for Use:

Liquid Concentrate:
Mix 1.2 lbs per 1 gallon of water, agitate until fully dissolved. Dose according to desired solution strength.

Mix 3-5 grams per 1 gallon of water during all phases of plant growth.

*See Feed Charts for more information


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