Love Kalix for a few reasons. I see my plants thriving when using the formula correctly, they give us an affordable yet potent product, and their customer service is amazing!! Shout out to Kalix, I have found my forever nutrient!!

Sincerely, Lakeview Cannabis LLC


Way to go Kalix!!! I am a new indoor grower and stumbled upon Kalix in an internet search. After researching I went all in with Kalix nutrients. After my order came in the sales rep Becca contacted me welcoming me to the Kalix family. She went through the products I bought and said if I have any issues to contact her.

Two weeks into my new grow of London Pound Cake my plants were not doing well. Very lime green in color and starting to turn yellow. Of course the first thing to do is blame the new company! I started having my doubts until Becca out of the blue contacted me to see how my grow was doing. My first thought is who cares about a little indoor grower like me and why in the hell would she be reaching out to me? After our discussion she asked "did you read the feed chart I sent you?" I said I did and not only was I adding the grow A+B but I was also adding potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. She said if you look at the lower left of the feed chart, you can add those "BUT ONLY AS NEEDED!" Rookie mistake by me. She instructed me to flush the plants and only use the grow A+B ONLY.

After another week the plants started looking better but still not back to normal. I was only running 350ppm - 450ppms because I was afraid of stressing the plants out again. Called Becca again and she instructed me to send in a leaf sample. After a quick 3 day turn around the guy from the lab called and went over my results. He said "London Pound Cakes love to eat so feed them more. All your nutrients are low."

Well I fed them more up to the recommended dose and as soon as I did the plants rebounded. Within week 4 of flower the plants were getting really top heavy. Even though I have trellis netting I still have to wire tie the plants to keep them straight. Daily I would come out and check on the plants and the bigger they were getting. Becca continued to assist me in weekly phone calls and was so excited to see my progress.

What is also great about these nutrients is I still have PLENTY product left over for another grow. So this has been by far more cost effective then any other company I have used. The 10lbs and 25lbs bags will last at least 2 grows. I am running 45 plants in 3 gallon pots and hand water daily.

I finally harvested and have some of the biggest plants hanging I have ever seen. Dense, hard and crystals everywhere!!! This is all thanks to Kalix and most of all Becca. Without her guidance and weekly check-ins there would have been no way I would have this much success. Without a doubt Kalix should be the only nutrient you have on the shelf. If you want some fire weed then don't waste your time with another company. Get Kalix and contact Becca. You will be on your way to becoming a master grower in no time!! Happy growing.

~Bryon K


"As a lot of us growers move forward from the liquid nutrient companies handing us bottles of salt, we search constantly for companies who can provide a consistent, but most importantly, clean product to feed our gardens. We've heard of Harley Smith, which led us to KALIX and from that day on almost every grow that we visited had at least one KALIX product on the shelf. As those bottled nutrients we've all seen in at least one garden are being replaced all together, you take notice. We've used all sorts of Cal/Mag products from different companies, but hands down KALIX took the win and by a long shot. We're excited to try some more products from their line of fertilizers and supplements/microbes."

~Jonathan "Jay" Thiesse