KALIX Base (Soluble)


Size: 10 / 25 LB

Contact us for volume pricing: sales@kalixcpn.com +1.541.646.6042. Base is a professional grade nutrient system, formulated for all phases of plant growth. Use in conjunction with Grow or Bloom at 0.6 grams Base for every 1 gram Grow or Bloom in order to reach desired EC. Recommended for hydroponic use only. Do not combine with other fertilizers in concentrate solution or dry form.

Directions for Use:

Liquid Concentrate (Stock Tank):
Mix concentrate Base at the same ratio as Grow or Bloom. Dose at 0.6 mL Base : 1 mL Grow or Bloom.    

Reservoir (Feed Tank):
Mix 3-5 grams per 1 gallon of water during all phases of plant growth.

*See Feed Charts for more information


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